It All Began With A Passing Statement

A few months ago I took a photo on my iPhone of a very talented young flower designer who then looked at me and said “are you going to post that to your blog?”  I chuckled and said no as I don’t have a blog.

I later got to thinking about what he had said, and wondered what made him say it? Ok, this is a young creative guy living in the trendy part of a city so maybe all his friends have blogs? On the other hand he know’s i’m a photographer and designer so maybe I should be the trendy guy with a blog? Either way the thought stuck with me.

I had always thought blogs were for hipsters and people crying out for attention and it wasn’t something that really appealed to me, even though I do read some blogs on a regular basis. I have since come to realise that my preconceived judgement was wrong and that I am in fact a prime candidate for such an outlet of digital media – I am always taking photos and sharing things with friends through social and physical networks, so why not push that to the rest of the world. After all, I get bored easily and am always trying to make things, and this at least justifies spending hours making a digital magazine for fun that only I would otherwise see!

Two months later and here I am posting to my blog. I’m still a long way from cutting the legs off some skinny jeans to turn them into super-sweet jean-shorts that keep me streamlined when riding about town on a fixie bike, but I am quietly excited about this project. Let’s hope it works out.


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